We offer a variety of hair services. All services are a-la-carte. Price can increase depending on length, thickness, density and product used to achieve desired look. Hair is an artistic process; each stylist bio page is a great place to get a feel for their individual style to get you set with the right stylist for you.

All of our stylists operate as an independent small business and offer free consultations! They set their own prices and they conduct their own transactions. Please see each stylist bio page to contact your stylist for the most accurate pricing on services desired. Our stylists want you to be happy so we encourage you to get a consultation before you start your service. This is a great time to ask questions, talk about price, share pictures, and get comfortable with the work that will be done.


This service addresses regrowth of gray up to 1.5 inches at root. More regrowth could incur additional color charges.

Highlights are created by weaving out hair and using foils to achieve a more intense and consistent lightening effect. Full highlights include the full head and can result in all over change. Partial focuses on more subtle changes focusing on front pieces, including most of the top and the sides before the ear.Toner or color melt is typically required after this service.

Hand painting using free hand lightening and some foils may be used. This technique is used to create a more natural and lived-in look, often only a few shades lighter than your natural base. Seamless blending helps create depth and dimension. Full balayage includes the full head. Partial focuses on more subtle changes focusing on front pieces, including most of the top and the sides before the ear. Toner or color melt is typically required after this service.

Babylights are the most natural looking highlighting, fine woven foils create a subtle, soft seamless look. This technique is different from traditional highlights because you take the smallest amount of hair into each foil with close sections to create soft brightness and a blended look. Toner or color melt is typically required after this service.

This is typically required for most lightning services. This finishing color service helps neutralize unwanted tones and leaves hair shiny and color balanced.

Two or more colors blended to create a lived-in color look.

Vivids are for the client looking for fun pops of color! These colors are outside the traditional realm of hair color. They are a fun way to express your inner creativity. This service requires a consultation.

Color correction hair services help neutralize any unwanted tones in your hair color. This service requires an in person consultation.

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Each haircut appointment begins with a stress relieving scalp massage, relaxing shampoo and conditioner, consultation, and customized cut. Optional blow dry styling and heated iron work is additional for finishing by request.

A fade or cut that uses clippers.

Often it’s a bold statement, short hair can be incredibly versatile, yet feminine. Soft edges can set it apart from the sharp lines of clipper cuts, and the minimal length can be styled quickly for those on the go.

A mid-length cut can take on a variety of shapes. From a one length classic bob, to a long layered cut, to hair that grazes the shoulder − has a multitude of variations and styling options. Express your personality through a cut that lives in a happy place between short and long.

Having length is only the beginning for long hair options. The cutting and styling options have few limits. Add layers throughout or just around the face for functionality and to reduce bulk. Pull it back, put it up, or wear it down and flowing. The opportunity to change is as easy as your mood.


Includes wash and style. Additional charges can apply for length, thickness or extensions and/or adding curls or beach waves.

Wide variety of treatments customized for your hair needs. Usually done at a shampoo bowl or under the dryer.

These transformation treatment eliminates up to 95% of frizz as well as instantly adding amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. Results usually last for 4-6 months depending on clients home hair practices.

Permanent waves can give you a variety of curl shapes from corkscrew spirals to loose beach waves. Our process results in little damage to the hair and can be a great assist to wearing full, bouncy, beautiful curls.

Different from a keratin, a permanent straightener is for someone looking to reduce the natural curl pattern to make it easier to wear your hair straight and sleek with minimal effort. Say goodbye to worrying about your hair reverting to curls in heavy humidity..

We offer a couple of different types of hair extensions including: tape in, hand tied, micro beads and fusion. We can also use multiple methods to customize to your hair needs. From 1 row or 1 pack of hair for same length fullness to full hair transformation adding length and volume. We can also use extensions to add dimensional color without coloring your hair. The possibilities are endless. This service requires a consultation before booking.

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How should I take care of my color between salon visits?

Hair color is an investment. Without the proper aftercare, even the best color will start to look dull, dry, or even brassy as the color is stripped. If you want to keep the shine, radiance, and color tones, you will want to use the proper aftercare products. The best shampoos and conditioners are not only gentle on your hair color, they also help repair your hair and restore moisture. Styling products should not be overlooked. Top quality styling products typically provide heat protection and color protection to enhance the overall health and look of your hair. Each person will have different needs and your stylist can help select the best products to keep your hair looking great.

Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You