StrandZ Salon

Hair  in Oviedo, Fl

Strandz Salon

A full service hair salon for Women, Men and Children. Offering Master Stylist Cutting, Razor Cuts, Blowouts, Master Colorists, Color Corrections( with free consultation's) , Balayage, Ombre's (deposits may be required). Retouches, Root to ends color. Color Melts, High lighting, Lowlighting, Fashion Fun Colors. Choose any combination you desire. Defrizz Keratin Treatments, Permanent Wavesand Facial waxing.
1783 East Broadway Street
Oviedo FL 32765 USA

Hours of operation:
Monday by Appoint
Tuesday-Thursday 10 - 8:00p
Friday 10-5:00p
Saturday 10 - 4:00p
Closed Sunday

Salon Phone 407-359-9390

Email address:
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